4615 MacCorkle Ave SE
    Charleston, WV 25304
    (304) 925-1413


The following are quotes from members at Morris Memorial United Methodist Church:

I attend Morris Memorial UMC because:

“I feel the welcome warmth and caring of the staff and congregation.  I have been here many years and so have my children, and now my grandchildren.  I cannot imagine ever being anywhere else.”

“The Spirit of the Lord is alive and at work here.”

“It is a great place to practice being a United Methodist.  There are many Christians who are committed to Emmaus.  Morris offers many informed ways to study God.”

“This is where my husband and I feel called to worship and serve.”

“I love the church, the minister, the people, and learning more about God, Jesus, and the Bible.”

“There is such friendliness at Morris Memorial.  I raised my three sons in the church at Morris because of the commitment to teaching the Bible and the words of Jesus Christ.  That goes for me also keeping in ‘the Word’.”