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We are very encouraged by the number of church members who have volunteered to support this ministry. Long term, a ministry like this cannot be successful without the help of many volunteers.   Once again, we feel that these dinners not only blessed our guests but our church members too.

The dinners are not the responsibility of any one team but will be a mission for the whole church.  We hope all members of our congregation will become involved in some way.  If you are unable to volunteer or provide a dessert, we are accepting donations.  It is easy to do.  Just make your check payable to the church, put “Community Dinners” on the memo line, and drop it in the offering plate.  As a mission to serve others, we are stepping out in a “leap of faith”.  We hope you are willing to take that step with us in action and prayer.  Questions?  Contact Debby Sokolosky at 340-552-1192 or at [email protected], or contact Wanda Hymes at [email protected] or 304-543-3783.

Our next scheduled meals are on August 10 and 27 and are free to everyone!


Sunday Night at the Movies

        Morris Memorial is now in a position to show Christian movies.  One of our members has purchased for us a copyright license which allows us to show most Christian movies without having to pay royalties.  We are deeply grateful for this contribution to the church, and we intend to make use of it. 

       We will have a movie night on Sunday, August 13, beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Our feature presentation will be “Fireproof,” starring Kirk Cameron as fire captain Caleb Holt.  There will be no charge for the movie, for the popcorn, or for the soft drinks.  Please come and invite friends to come with you. 

       If there is a good response, we will continue to have a movie night on the second Sunday night of each month.  We are also open to doing it on a different night, however, if we have folks who would prefer that.   


2017 MOVE -IN Day
at the University of Charleston

As part of our church’s outreach to our community, we would like to help new and returning students move into their dorms again this year. This year move in day will be one day only, Friday, August 25, 2017. 

  • New students will be moving in from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. 

   We will greet new students and returning students between Brotherton and Ratrie Dorms, where we will have our own canopy with our name on it, church brochures, bottled water, snacks and lots of helpers.  More details will be shared with all volunteers as we get closer to the event.

You can be a greeter to students and their families at our canopy or help move them into their dorm rooms (if you don’t have any back problems). 


Kids Praise Choir

If there is a child age 3 through grade 5 in your household, circle September 13 on your calendar.  On that night Kids’ Praise will resume.  Kids’ Praise will meet on Wednesday nights.  We begin with a light meal at 6:00 p.m.  Kids’ Praise follows at 6:30, with a bible lesson and singing.  The youth fellowship and an adult bible study will also be held at 6:30, so bring the whole family!


Get to Know Your Neighbors

     You are invited to come to Pita Pit in Kanawha City on Friday evenings in June to get to know your neighbors in your pew and your neighbors in the community.  We will meet at 6 p.m. Pita Pit is not far from the church building.  It is on MacCorkle Ave., just beyond the middle school on the same side as the school. 

     Fellowship is important to any church, but it is even more important to a church which has two different worship services.  Because so many of our folks always worship at 8:30 or always worship at 11:00, many of our regulars are not acquainted with one another.   Meeting at Pita Pit also gives us the opportunity to meet some folks who do not attend any church.  We hope that over time we will get to know employees and regular customers.  If we are going to bring new people into our church and introduce them to Christ we need to go where people are.