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  • Pastor Flynn leads a verse by verse study that takes an in-depth look at specific books of the Bible on Wednesday mornings.  This group meets at 10:30 to study the scripture, then enjoys a delicious lunch together.  Members of the group then deliver meals to some of our homebound members.  If you do not have other commitments on Wednesday morning, plan to come and be part of our study. 
  • Disciple II – Into the Word Into the World - is a bible study focusing on the books of Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts.  Included are themes of pride, hospitality, patience, and humility as we consider how we are called into ministry in the world around us.  A Disciple Study Group is composed of up to twelve students (high school age and older) and one or more leaders. It is conducted as a structured 32 week study. Each participant will receive a study manual.  Daily bible reading and journaling are an important part of the study.  At the weekly meetings questions are explored that are designed to stimulate group discussion. The Disciple Bible Study is a wonderful opportunity for people to learn more about the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament and be transformed by God through them. Bob Crossan is leading this study that began in September and will run through May.  The weekly meeting time is Monday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00.